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Total ozone column
Total ozone column
Global ozone field
Assimilated total ozone
Clear sky UV index
Clear sky UV index
Tropospheric NO2
Tropospheric NO2
Air pollution monitoring
    Nitrogen dioxide (NO2): Global  |  Switzerland/Po-basin
    Aerosol: Aerosol Optical Depth  |  Aerosol Index
    Tropospheric ozone (O3): tropical field
    Formaldehyde (CH2O)
    Cloud information

UV radiation monitoring
    Clear sky UV index
    UV daily dose

Support to Protocol monitoring
    Total ozone (O3): columns  |  assimilated  |  ozone hole
    Bromine monoxide (BrO)      
    Climate-related gases      

Support to Aviation Control
    Volcanic plume (SO2 and ash)
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